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If you own a pickleball club or a club that has pickleball courts, and want to attract more players, 365Dink is the perfect platform for you. By listing your club with us, you’ll gain exposure to a wide network of pickleball enthusiasts and increase your bookings.

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Sign up and create a profile for your club. Provide details and showcase your amenities.

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By listing on 365Dink, you can generate more bookings and increase your club’s profitability.

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Reach a larger audience of pickleball players and increase your club’s visibility.

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Easily manage your court bookings and availability through our user-friendly dashboard.

Maximize your club's revenue with 365Dink

Showcase your facility, attract more players, and grow your revenue by joining the 365Dink platform.

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Book up those empty courts with 365Dink members. It's a great way to fill up those quiet hours.

Grow your pro shop sales

Get more sales from out of town members looking for rentals and gear.

Increase exposure to players

Get more players to see your location, visit your club, and get a taste of your services.

Offer other services

List your other services like your restaurant, spa, pool, tennis, golf, and more.

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Get paid to sign up your members to 365Dink with a referral code.

A big opportunity to reach pickleball players in the US

The stats don't lie! There are 44 million pickleball players in the US and the numbers continue to grow!

44.8 million
Known pickleball players in the US.
38 million
Pickleball players to reach, as 85% of Americans travel in the summer.
100% addicted 😉
TO PICKLEBALL (per a random survey we took)

Don't take our word for it 👇

"We are thrilled and honored to be the first venue on the 365Dink pickleball network.  This is going to be a game changer for our club and pickleball"

Heights Athletic Club

Harker Heights, Texas

"365Dink is genius!"


Park City, Utah

Have a question about listing your club with 365Dink?

Find answers to commonly asked questions about listing and managing your club on our platform.

How much does membership cost?

Membership for clubs to join 365Dink is Free. We ask you to treat our members like you treat your members for the pickleball part of your facility. For example, if your member enters free with their membership but pays for court reservation fees, then that is how a 365Dink member should be treated.

What information should I include in my club profile?

The more the better. The goal is for our members to choose your club so that you can fill your courts and earn extra revenue from ancillary sales, like food and beverage, pro-shop, lessons, round robins, etc. Include your hours of operation, peak play time, court reservation fees, and other amenities available. Please be as detailed as possible.

What info do I need to provide 365Dink once I sign up?

Photos of your club, videos of your club, and any tournaments, leagues, or clinics that you offer.

How often do I need to update my club profile?

We ask you to keep your club information current and accurate. Our members have chosen your club because of the information you are providing them. Like you, we want guests to your club to have an awesome pickleball experience.

Who sets the rules for fees and playtime?

365Dink Members will adhere to the rules and fees of each club.

What if I own more than one club?

Fabulous, the more the merrier! Each club will need its own profile, since each club will appear in our search as its own location. Please set up each profile for each club and its amenities specifically.

How and when will I receive payments for reservations?

Our members will pay your club directly for court reservation fees.

How do we benefit from allowing 365Dink members into our club for free?

Your pickleball club will benefit in multiple ways. You will be able to fill your courts during slower times. Our members know they can purchase food and beverages, buy gear from your pro-shop, book clinics and lessons and pay your posted daily/weekly fee to access other parts of your facility that are not included in the 365Dink membership, like golf, pool and gym. In addition, your club will receive $20 for every new member you sign-up to 365Dink. (Renewal not included). Existing members excluded.

What is the Welcome Court?

We are so excited to bring this concept to the pickleball community. The Welcome CourtTM is a designated court at your club, where new players and guests can meet, play, and become familiar with the sport and your club's pickleball etiquette. Every club will be provided with Welcome CourtTM signage so new players and guests will easily find your Welcome CourtTM. We ask that you add a QR code sticker with your club etiquette and rules for your pickleball courts.

Why have the Welcome Court?

The feedback we have heard, consistently, everywhere we have played for research...many players are intimidated by going to open play/drop-in play alone or when they are unfamiliar with the local rules. The Welcome CourtTM is designed to create a go-to point for new players and members to be together.

What happens if our club doesn't accept court reservations?

No problem.  Please indicate options in your profile registration so our members know what to expect when they arrive at your facility.  Indicate peak play hours, or when our members will have a better chance of getting a court to play.

Can local players use the 365Dink membership instead of a monthly/annual membership at my club?

365Dink wants to support your club and its success. Members can book each club as many times in one 30-day period, but not for any two consecutive months at any one club. 365Dink membership is meant for those who travel not in lieu of a regular "hometown" membership.

What happens in case of a dispute or an issue with a reservation?

Pickleball is fun and social and our goal is to bring players together across the world. But things happen, so the first step is try to find a solution on site to facilitate our members and your club. Remember, you want our members to come back to your club so they play, eat, shop. If you need help from us, we are here.

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