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365Dink allows pickleball players access to private pickleball clubs wherever they travel. Reserve courts, join drop-in games, and enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts at the best pickleball locations throughout the US.

"365Dink is transforming the pickleball experience. The convenience of being able to access quality pickleball games wherever I go is incredible."

Brandon M.

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How 365Dink Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

With 365Dink, you can easily find and reserve private pickleball courts, join drop-in games, and enjoy exclusive benefits at top pickleball clubs across the US.

Find Exclusive Courts

Access private and semi-private clubs for free, using your 365Dink mega pass.

Reserve Online

Book your preferred pickleball court online and secure your playing time.

Join Open Play

Participate in open play sessions to meet and play with other pickleball enthusiasts.

Get Discounts

Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts at top pickleball clubs across the US.

Find the perfect place     for your game away from home!

Use our interactive map to locate one of our recommended courts near you to start playing Pickleball, anywhere!

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Enjoy the Ultimate Pickleball Experience with 365Dink

Say goodbye to crowded public pickleball courts. Say hello to exclusive pickleball courts across the country where your spot is secured ahead of time!


Search for available pickleball courts near you or in your desired location.


Access top pickleball clubs and enjoy the best facilities and amenities wherever you go.


Get exclusive discounts on gear at 365Dink clubs.


Join likeminded pickleball enthusiasts, meet up for games, and connect on the app.

Why Players Love 365Dink

Read what our customers have to say.

"This membership is amazing!"


St. Louis, Missouri

"365Dink is genius!"


Park City, Utah

"This is hugely exciting, particularly given how frequently people travel nowadays and how popular pickleball has become internationally; what a fabulous way to meet locals wherever you roam!"


Turks & Caicos


Find answers to commonly asked questions about 365Dink membership.

How much does membership cost?

$365/adult for an annual membership over 18 years old ($1 a day to play pickleball across the USA). Non-refundable/Non-transferable. Under 18? $216/minor for  annual membership ($18/month)  or $30/month on a month-to-month option.

How many times can I book the same club?

You can book each club up to 14 days per 30-day period but not for any two consecutive months at any one club. 365Dink membership is meant for those who travel, not in lieu of a regular "hometown" membership.

Who sets the rules for fees and playtime?

365Dink Members will adhere to the rules and fees of each club.

Are there any venues outside the US?

Yes! We are now in Colombia, Uruguay and Canada. More international locations coming soon!

Do all clubs offer the same benefits?

Each club has different benefits and features, please check the 365Dink app to see what each club offers.

How do I access the app?

Please download the app on your smart phone. Coming soon.

Can I recommend a club to be added?

Of course! We love to hear recommendations from our members. Please click HERE to submit a club.

How do court fees work?

Since each club has a different court fee structure, we require the clubs listed on to treat you, our valued member, the same as they treat their annual/monthly valued member.

How will I know when new clubs are added?

New clubs are being added regularly, so please check the 365Dink app and our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see new locations where you want to play.

Can I invite friends who don't have the app?

Of course, you have two options. Your friend can pay at the club directly or your friend can sign up for and have access to all our clubs. Please see here for referral benefits. Free month for each referral.

What is the Welcome Court ?

We are so excited to bring this concept to the pickleball community. The Welcome CourtTM is a designated court at 365Dink affiliate venues, where new players and guests can meet, play, and become familiar with the sport and venue pickleball etiquette. Venues that choose to participate will have an easy-to-find Welcome Court signage so you will know exactly where to go to find other new players and guests. The QR code will have local venue rules and etiquette so you'll know what's what.

Why have the Welcome Court?

The feedback we have heard, consistently, everywhere we have played for research...many players are intimidated by going to open play/drop-in play alone or when they are unfamiliar with the local rules. The Welcome CourtTM is designed to create a meeting point for new players and members to be together.

How do I check-in at a club?

You will have a scannable code, via email and/or from the app for the venue to confirm your free access to the club.

Still have questions?

Reach out! We'd love to hear from you.

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